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precision manufacturing by MincoA world leader in the business equipment and aerospace industries, Minco Manufacturing, LLC combines quality, performance and value with high speed, precision manufacturing to provide customers with the fuser rollers and other products they need at competitive prices. Customers around the world depend on Minco Manufacturing, LLC's engineering and manufacturing expertise for top quality fuser rollers, fixing film sleeves, precision-machined parts, remanufactured assemblies, and application of non-stick coatings.

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World-Class Expertise and Experience

Minco has produced well-over 20 million fuser rollers since 1992, while gaining additional fuser roller manufacturing capabilities along the way. Today, Minco produces fuser rollers for copiers, printers and facsimile machines at its state-of-the-art facilities. Selections include sleeved, silicone and hard coated upper fuser rollers and silicone coated lower pressure rollers. Recent additions also include select fixing film sleeves for instant-on laser printers. Thanks to our customers and employees, Minco is one of the largest producers of fuser rollers in the world. This world-class company successfully satisfies the product needs of customers in the US and around the world, including Europe, Asia and South America.

In addition, Minco has used its engineering expertise to expand manufacturing capabilities, and now produces high-quality, precision-machined parts for the aerospace industry.

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